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“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

- Winston S. Churchill

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About SpiritHorse at Freedom Ranch


SpiritHorse at Freedom Ranch, Tunnel Hill, GA, located just 5 minutes from I-75 on 61 beautiful rolling acres with 2 ponds, a pre-Civil War in a most charming and peaceful setting.  As a certified SpiritHorse International facility, our therapies are based on a specialized curriculum that has been researched, developed, and proven by SpiritHorse founder Charles Fletcher of Corinth, Texas.


Our staff and volunteers have all received specialized training to skillfully work with children and adults with varying degrees of abilities and disabilities. The horses are selected for their gentle spirit and worked with in regards to their reactions to unexpected noises and behaviors that come with the territory of working with emotionally or physically challenged riders.


Our motto is, "First Words, First Steps," with the hope that every rider will be positively impacted by our therapies and reach a developmental milestone, no matter how big or small.


The team at SpiritHorse believes mental and emotional improvements help pave the way for physical improvements. 


"Our goal is to help each individual reach their highest potential through interaction with horses,  and the emotional aspect of this is amazing," says Ginger Brown, Director of SpiritHorse at Freedom Ranch.


Our programs help develop self-esteem, coupled with a curriculum built to improve cognitive and physical development. This curriculum is based on research that shows how the movement of the horse in circles and other specific patterns releases chemicals in the rider's brain that can help neurotransmitters reconnect— often resulting in improved balance, first words, or full sentences spoken by the rider.


Our animals and riders typically bond quickly, improving the rider's social and verbal skills on and off the ranch.



In the fall of 2009 Eagles Rest Ranch in Flintstone, GA served as the host for Catoosa County Schools' Equestrian Special Olympics Training and Horseshow. The work inspired Ginger to seek a program built for helping children and adults with special needs.


Ginger and two others interested in horse therapy, Jeremiah Moore and Joy Giles, traveled to Corinth, Texas to train and test with SpiritHorse International. They embraced the philosophy and curriculum centered around equine-assisted health and therapy. Fully licensed, and with quality control provided by SpiritHorse International (the leader in the therapeutic riding industry), SpiritHorse at Eagles Rest Ranch was established as a place of healing and hope in 2010. In June of 2017 SprirtHorse moved to our forever home in Tunnel Hill, Ga.




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To learn more about SpiritHorse's therapies and environment, click through the website. Also, visit us on Facebook for photos and event information.

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Upcoming Events
2023 Schedule

Call or email Ginger to schedule.


Horseback Riding Sessions & Equine Therapy


Begin:  January 12, 2023 

by appointment:  423-421-3205

HORSES off July & August!!!

 Last days for Therapeutic Horseback


May 16th/17th

Riding sessions until September

SpiritHorse Summer Day Camp

May 29th – June 2nd

June 5th – June 9th

June 12th – June 16th 

June 19th – 23rd 

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM; Must be Registered

Registration for Therapeutic Horseback Riding Sessions 

​Tues. Sept. 5th  

4:30 – 6:30 PM at Spirit Hall/SpiritHorse Arena

Start back Weekly Therapeutic Horseback Riding Sessions

by appointment

​Thurs./Tues.  Sept. 7th/12th  

     Bonfire Party for SpiritHorse Riders & Freedom Ranch Family 

​Sat. Oct. 28th  

Time TBA

Call to make a reservation:  423-421-3205


Annual Freedom Ranch Exhibition Horse Show 

Details TBD

Show on property

SpiritHorse Arena/Spirit Hall

 Sat. Nov. 4th 


  Closed for Thanksgiving

No Riding Nov. 21st & 23rd   


Last days for Riding sessions in 2023

Tues. Dec. 12th


SpiritHorse Christmas Party

Thurs. Dec. 14th     

Spirit Hall/SpiritHorse Arena “Drop By” 4:30 – 6:30 PM

RSVP 423-421-3205


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