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Volunteers are a major asset and a necessity to our nonprofit organization. They share in the everyday tasks and operations, enabling us to continue providing services free of charge. If you’re interested, fill out our Volunteer Application below, and mail it in or drop it off in person. All volunteers are screened through an interview process and are subject to a background check.


This volunteer position requires extensive horse experience, strong dedication, reliability, and a caring attitude towards children. Volunteer instructors hold as much responsibility as paid staff. They receive ongoing SpiritHorse training. Our current volunteer instructors have made strong commitments to SpiritHorse and remain a vital part of our program.



In each riders’ curriculum, we require at least one parent, guardian or family member to be a safety sidewalker initially. Some riders require two sidewalkers.  A sidewalker's main responsibility is to look after the rider's safety. They walk beside the rider's ankle, using holds the instructor has prescribed. Sidewalkers become an advisor to the instructor by communicating with and understanding the rider. They may also be needed to assist in mounting and dismounting. 

Please remember to wear comfortable close-toed walking shoes and bring water to stay hydrated.

Horse Leader


Administrative Assistance    
Indoor/Outdoor Maintenance
Fundraising/Special Events

“The visits exceeded our expectations. The child-friendly staff presented activities in a fun, engaging manner. We especially appreciated the staff’s capacity to work with kids with disabilities. Each of our camps left us wanting more time at SpiritHorse at Freedom Ranch!”

- Jayne Griffin, Ed.D. director of education, Creative Discovery Museum

To find out more about our Volunteer opportunities, drop us a line below. Or fill out the Word document (to the right) and send it in for review. 

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