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Pulling on Our Heartstrings: Amber's Story

Riding and Smiles

My daughter, Amber, lives with mental retardation and a heart condition. When she began training sessions at Eagles' Rest Ranch, she had never been physically close to any animal larger than a medium-sized canine. The personnel were very approachable and friendly and they took the time to talk to Amber and her family members so that they could understand her.

The two things that are most important to the staff at Eagles Rest Ranch are the children and the animals—and they take very good care of all. Amber learned not only how to ride a horse but also what it meant to take care of them, from the grooming and the feeding and anything else she showed any interest toward. They were patient with her and they grew to love Amber as much as I do.

I am thankful that my daughter got to spend so much time in such a wonderful environment with so many interesting and loving souls. Every mention of the Ranch brings a smile to her face and she eagerly anticipates returning and I will take her for as long as they'll allow me to. It's a magical place.


S.L. Minton

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