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RIP Precious Tinkerbell

Ginger Brown · October 30 at 10:58 PM

I write this with tears in my eyes, knowing how many hearts will hurt by the news... She always did her job without a complaint...She was patient and understanding of all abilities...willing to work overtime... taught many children to ride on her back... helped many kids and adults gain confidence and overcome fear...She responded to love and kisses... she was our sweet Tinkerbell, a 25 year old beautiful bay mare given to SpiritHorse by very special friends about 8 years ago... dearly loved by many, she carried quite a few of our 60+ Riders this past Sat in our 11th Annual Area I Special Olympic Horse Show. She showed a good time to our Veterans Children on Sun. Had a great day completely off on Mon. Then Tuesday morning she wasn’t feeling well; the Vet came and eased her pain with some meds. Not sure exactly what took her life but she had a pleasant expression on her face and grass in her mouth when she passed. Sweet Memories of our beloved Tink, sometimes called “Spirit” by little boys who didn’t want to admit they rode a horse named Tinkerbell. 😉 She will be greatly missed by our Freedom Ranch Family💕

Special thanks to Lance Postelle for making a cross for her grave and hanging her halter on it. A fitting memorial to one of God’s beautiful creations who was a living act of Kindness❤️ Tinkerbell had a purpose in her life... she “made a difference” 🙏🏼❣️💕🐴💞


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